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As a company, our existence is defined by our team and our clients. We are creating an environment for curious people, risk-takers, dreamers, thinkers, team-players and people who can get things done. We know it’s a competitive world out there. But if you’re a person that values the environment we’re creating, we would be honored to get to know you.

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We’re a team with different viewpoints in a fast-paced, game-changing environment. We’re not afraid to take risks and explore challenges. But we will not waste anyone’s time doing sub optimal work. We’re committed to listening to each other, to our audiences, and to the pulse of the industry to come up with solutions that will truly evolve the future of fixed income. Let’s explore these opportunities together as a CapConnector. You’re invited!
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When I first started out in Banking in the early 90’s, things were a bit different. Working groups actually met in person and pulled all-nighters at the printer to get a prospectus filed. The fax machine was your only friend. With the internet, email and blackberries came unlimited accessibility (be careful what you wish for!) and a more efficient execution experience. However, one aspect that has curiously not changed in decades is the manner in which bonds are priced and allocated. Despite technological efficiencies and developments, there is still a lack of automation and transparency. The bond allocation process remains subjective, leaving issuers and investors often feeling powerless in the price discovery and distribution aspects. I have seen how innovation can improve and impact our industry. Capconnect+ is on a mission to democratize capital markets, to embrace efficiency with an ecosystem that enables issuers and investors to transact transparently. I am energized by the opportunity to be part of this progress. That’s why I joined CapConnect+.”
Diane Kenna


Boston, November 2019 I received a call from one of CapConnect+’s co-founders, Suresh Perera, inviting me to breakfast, but with a catch: “Do you mind signing an NDA in advance?” asked Suresh – this question certainly piqued my interest, but as one never to close the door on an opportunity, I executed the NDA and was on my way to a career changing breakfast.

As CFO of CapConnect+ I will never forget that meeting. I had been thinking about ways to leverage advances in technology, to revolutionize financial services. Working in the crypto/blockchain industry at the time, I had seen the great opportunity and associated changes that were being developed across the globe, whether it was in payments, asset management, etc.; technological evolution was happening all around us in financial services.

CapConnect+ is at the forefront of this movement in capital markets, and the company’s mission statement really resonated with me, given by background in fixed income, treasury and tech. I couldn’t say no to the opportunity to combine my professional background and technological interests, and drive material change in the capital markets, bringing transparency, fairness and efficiency to the largest capital market in the world, while delivering value to our clients.

Kostas Dafoulas


Technology has been a lifelong passion of mine ever since I wrote my first program in high school. I had found a creative design outlet. The University of Cape Town Computer Science department provided me with a solid grounding in the field. My interest in the field has never waned.

I’ve been fortunate to hold positions in small early-stage startups and large mature institutions. After a long stint at a leading financial services company, I was ready for a startup opportunity in the FinTech space where I could apply my experience to a new dynamic challenge.

I realized that CapConnect+ was a perfect fit for me when I met the founders. The team was extremely experienced, with deep knowledge in Fixed Income capital markets; and the corporate values that they shared resonated with my own. I was excited to be entering CapConnect+ at a time when I could guide foundational work that will set us up for future success. I knew this was a place where I would be able to make a difference and help to bring transparency to a segment of the financial system where it is sorely needed.

Stan Weinronk


It was very clear to me from the beginning of my financial career that being a number was not enough, I needed and thrived for more. The status quo was not fulfilling my professional and intellectual goals which is why I had to convince myself and loved ones that I was going to take a leap of faith and leave an incredible opportunity and institution to take a chance on building something from the ground up.  That motivation for creativity and personal and professional growth is what has driven me for the last 14 years. It is what has attracted me to CapConnect+. There is nothing status quo about CapConnect+, in fact, all it took was a 15-minute conversation with an ex-colleague, mentor and CapConnect+ investor, to assure me that CapConnect + was built to disrupt the status quo in the largest financial market…and I was all in.

Eric Thomson

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We created CapConnect+ to simplify and digitize the bond issuance and investment process – giving issuers and investors the gift of control, fairness, accuracy, transparency, and material cost savings.

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