The idea that sparked CapConnect+

The idea sparked at a Coffeeshop in Palo Alto, CA, when Nitesh Sharan, a CFO at a publically traded company, joined Suresh Perera for coffee. Nitesh was voicing concerns about the current debt issuance process. “It hasn’t changed in decades,” Nitesh said. Suresh listened to his concerns and thought – What if companies could connect, communicate and transact directly with investors? Wouldn’t that be simple?

A better, simpler ecosystem for debt issuance.

Turns out, it wasn’t just treasurers who were frustrated with the debt issuance process. Investors felt it could be a whole lot better too.

These stories inspired Suresh, formerly of Fidelity, to partner with Eric Ball, former treasurer for Oracle, and Richard Lautch, former treasurer for Starbucks. The three co-founders decided to bring CapConnect+ to life on March 3rd, 2020.

Over the next few months, the team grew from the three co-founders, to an incredibly talented team with over 100 years of capital markets experience.

CapConnect+ is for the catalysts of change.


Connect. Communicate. Transact.

We created CapConnect+ to simplify and digitize the bond issuance and investment process – giving issuers and investors the gift of control, fairness, accuracy, transparency, and material cost savings.

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